Calculation of the optimum refrigerant charge.

REFRIVOL program allows you to calculate:

- The amount of refrigerant required for the stable operation of refrigeration units;
- Volume of the receiver for receiving all refrigerant.
- Allows calculation on various types of refrigerants;
- Selection of different types of units;
- Calculation of the volume of the receiver for acceptance of all the refrigerant;
- Possibility to choose different pipe diameters for each line;
- Automatic calculation of the volume of pipelines;
- Automatic calculation of temperature-pressure values;
- Automatic calculation of the density of liquid and vapor;
- Saving and opening the calculation file;
- Print the result of the calculation;
- Saving the calculation result in the .bmp format;
- Saving a list of equipment for billing.

Mathematical calculation allows the most optimal calculation of the required amount of refrigerant for the stable operation of the plant.
The calculation is based on calculating the required refrigerant mass in the individual plant elements from the ratio of the vapor-liquid refrigerant filled to the total volume of the element, which allows to take into account the different states of the refrigerant at different temperatures and pressures.

• Current version:   Version 5.0       •  Release date:    04.06.2015       • Trial period - 7 days.

Payment methods:

Payment by bank cards

License for 1 year. Pricing - 12 € Euro.

A letter with the program activation key will be sent to the e-mail you specified within 1-2 working days after confirmation of payment.
Unfortunately, we do not issue checks. If you need confirmation of payment, you can use a check from your online bank, which will confirm payment.

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