Automatic creation layouts and viewport

AutoViewport is addition to AutoCAD for automatically creating layouts and viewports.

Main functions:
- automatic creation layouts;
- creation of rectangular viewports on layouts;
- creation of rotated viewports on layouts;
- selection of required layout name;
- select print settings for layout.

- Replace Attribute in many files;
- Replace Text in many files;
- Run Lisp in many files;
- Run Script in many files;
- Import from many files.

Program allows:
- select template for creating viewports;
- select area for processing;
- select layout template from active file or from another file;
- sort layouts;
- set insertion point of viewport;
- set scale of viewport.

•Current version:   Version 1.9.2       •Release date:   20.07.2020       •Trial period - 7 days.

Download AutoViewport
License for 1 year.  Pricing - $10  

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