Automatically import PDF DWG DXF files

AutoImportCAD is a CAD add-on for automatically importing various file formats.

Main functions:
- import multiple PDF pages at the same time;
- import of many DWG files with the replacement of block names;
- import of many supported CAD files;
- convert multiple CAD files.

- choice of where to import - to an active or new file;
- choice of insertion direction;
- fix the amount horizontally or vertically;
- set the interval between inserted files;
- show the boundaries of the inserted files.

Program allows:
- automatically import many files supported by CAD;
- convert many files DWG to DXF and DXF to DWG;
- save files in the desired directory with the choice of file version;
- sort sheets;
- set the insertion point and scale;
- import files as a block or an external link.

•Current version:   Version 1.3       •Release date:   21.07.2020       •Trial period - 7 days.

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