Double Screen
Transferring an image from one monitor to another.

With the help of the program you will be able to:
• View any part of the image of another monitor.
• Increase the viewing area for a more detailed study (magnifying effect).
• Perform any actions in the viewing area.
• Resize both the viewport and the window of the transmitted image.
• View multiple images from different monitors.

The program will be useful:
• When tracking changes in charts and characteristics of bank rates.
• If you need constant monitoring of information windows.
• Designers, artists and anyone who works with graphics, where you need detailed work on the image.
• When typing formulas - will help to consider small characters.

The program is designed to improve the convenience of using multiple monitors. Thanks to this program, you can, without detaching yourself from the main monitor, images located on adjacent monitors. The program allows you to effectively respond to events running simultaneously applications, and also view images with magnifying lens function. Viewport Window transparent and does not interfere with performing any actions under it, which distinguishes the program from other similar ones, which are always on the screen and overlap the image.

• Current version:   Version 1.1       •  Release date:    25.02.2016       • Trial period - 7 days.

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License for 1 year.  Pricing - $10  

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