Automatically print large drawings on multiple smaller sheets.

Version History:

Version 5.2
The update was released on 08/04/2016
1. The ability to specify a file name when printing to a DWG to PDF printer is added.
2. Added selection of the order of printing sheets.
3. Added work with the license without time limit.

Version 5.1
The update was released on February 13, 2016
1. The ability to select the color of the stakeout lines is added.

Version 5.0
The update was released on 10/10/2015
1. Performance in AutoCAD, nanoCAD, ZWCAD +, BricsCAD.
2. Added automatic check for updates.
3. Added the choice of the thickness of the lines of stake out frames.
4. Added the ability to change the style of the lines of stake out frames.
5. Added the ability to print with overlapping sheets.
6. Added translation into Serbian.

Version 4.0
The update was released on March 14, 2014
Algorithm for drawing the borders of sheets is changed.
The ability to select all printers of the system and .pc3 printers is added.
The ability to print the lines of the sheet borders is added.

Version 3.0
The update was released on August 12, 2013
The function of fixing corrupted drawings is added - restoring the camera offset.
Added the function of forced unlocking of service layers.
The function of reset point zeroing after closing of the collapsed application is added.

Version 2.0
The update was released on 17.10.2012
The first time the program is started, the available printers are scanned,
That allowed to avoid constant regeneration of drawings.
Automatic saving of the last set settings of the main window.
Ability to update the list of printers in the case of connecting an additional printer.
Green highlighting of the parameter by which the sheet frames are created.
The ability to change the layout of the window - horizontal or vertical.
Automatic deletion of frames in all open drawings when the program is closed.
Before printing, the user is shown a printed sheet.
The function of interrupting printing of sheets is added.
Increased speed of information processing when drawing frames and printing.
Added support for English.
Translation into any language is possible.

The update was released on 08/30/2011
Changed the print area selection algorithm.
Fit into sheets - created drop-down boxes.

The update was released on August 16, 2011
The algorithm for selecting print styles has been fixed.

The first version is released on 01/08/2011
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