Automatic batch printing a multiple format (rectangles, frames) of model space and layouts.

Previous versions:
Version 6.3
Version 5.4
Version 4.4

Version History:
Version 6.4
The update was released on 25.09.2022

- display notification windows on the active monitor
- setting the columns of the main table and resetting them
- deselection of formats even with an empty table
- processing of texts from several separate ones in the title
- divide by task - menu for dividing each task
- clarification of the definition of the stamp user1 and user2
- search for additional attributes
- search for texts - by two radius parameters
- publication of single sheet documents - file name
- drag and drop files into the table for processing
- export formats - number in the format "000"

Version 6.3
The update was released on 19.05.2022

- name of the tabs by code 30-33
- remove line break text formatting
- normalization of the window Total A4 sheets
- definition of a stamp without a code of SPDS formats
- manual editing of the numbering table
- saving the settings of the Quick Publish window
- highlighting found formats on all tabs
- saving information about the scale of the format in the Revers-Object

Version 6.2
The update was released on 06.03.2022

- Action window examples of creating commands
- two custom stamp search options
- NanoCAD in the settings, select a printer for publication
- NanoCAD bit depth selection

- remove text formatting in title stamp
- handling search formats REVERSFORMAT
- processing of rotated formats created by blocks
- processing - Rename tabs
- fatal error on empty input values

Version 6.1
The update was released on 30.01.2022

- faster search formats
- search and processing of PROXY formats
- publication in PDF in NanoCAD 22
- saving and opening the list of files in the window - Printing from a folder
- choice of usage - Publish to printer
- editing and moving rows in the table in the Statement window
- selection of text style and font in the Statement window

- definition of orientation of formats
- definition of blocks in NanoCAD
- publication in PDF in NanoCAD 20
- checking numbers

Version 6.0
The update was released on 22.01.2022

- choice of replacing special characters (for example, "/" with "_" or another), in the settings window
- choice of automatic creation of labels and saving after adding to ReversObject
- execution of any action or command before or after searching or printing in Action
- start with command line parameters
- execution of commands and control through the command line
- search and processing of file revision
- search numbers in title format

- selection of several marks while pressing Shift and Ctrl in the "Print" column
- mark everything in the "Print" column when clicking on the column heading
- forced double change of FILEDIA before publishing
- exclusion of search in Model when searching only in Sheets
- export sheets from all open files
- search for formats if start coordinates are between 0 and 1
- changing the height of rows when creating a table of statements
- choice of number formats "00" or "000" when printing to PDF
- adding drop-down lists "Edit table" after restarting the program
- saving the active layer after processing the creation of sheets
- setting all sheets to the first line in Numbering
- launch of publication in GstarCAD
- publication in PDF in NanoCAD
- create PDF sheets in NanoCAD

- BricsCAD searching for formats on a locked layer is not possible.

Version 5.4
Final 5 version 29.11.2020

Version 5.3
The update was released on 22.11.2020

1. Nanocad - printing blank pages.
2. Startup at Windows 10.
3. Choice of minimizing the window when selecting the found formats.
4. Finding the page number in the stamp from the table.
5. Added languages - German, Vietnamese, Turkish.
(Russian, English, Chinese, Czech, German, French, Italian, Hindi, Polish, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese)

Version 5.2
The update was released on 07.11.2020

1. Acceleration of program loading.
2. Correction of the definition of the title block, name and sheet number.

Version 5.1
The update was released on 31.10.2020

1. On platform Framework 4.6
2. Reset text alignment.
3. Nanocad - printing to a physical printer.
4. Nanocad - printing horizontal sheets.
5. Disable SHX font embedding by default.
6. The stamp is created by the table - the choice of taking into account coordinates.
7. Template - accounting for vertical sheets.
8. Column search - enable at startup.
9. Create sheets - print area show all.
10. Search for frames with a polyline in a different direction.
11. Template - does not reset formats when changing the printer.
12. The title page is inscribed in the style of another page.
13. Disable / enable viewports.
14. The template does not define the A0 format.

Version 5.0
The update was released on 18.10.2020

1. New development platform.
2. Multilingual version.

Version 4.4
The update was released on 01.08.2019

1. Fixed - connecting to different versions of AutoCAD with explicitly indicating the version.
2. Fixed - connect to ZWCAD + if ZWCAD classic is not installed.
3. Added - search and processing REVERSFORMAT.
4. Added - setting the search parameters REVERSFORMAT.
5. Added - saving the list of the table of found formats to a file.
6. Added - getting the list of found formats from a file from a record to a table.
7. Added - Publish to PDF AutoCAD in versions 2016 and more - autosave.
8. Added - sorting by tabs if formats are created in blocks.

Revers Format:
1. Added - insert formats with REVERSFORMAT block.
2. Added - setting parameters of the REVERSFORMAT block.
3. Added - add custom text above the stamp.
4. Added - drawing the outer frame of the format on the layer Defpoints.

Version 4.3
The update was released on 11/18/2018

1. Added - creating a tag Revers-Object and an accelerated search for Revers-Objects.
2. Added - GstarCAD 2017 and more - Publish to PDF.

Version 4.2
The update was released on 11/03/2018

1. Fixed - processing of stamps created by the table.
2. Fixed - forced setting of the tab name in nanoCAD (was not detected in some versions).
3. Added - News window.

Version 4.1
The update was released on 09/23/2018

1. Added - to select the MM or inch operation parameter.
2. Added - create sheets - create viewports on the "Defpoints" layer.
3. Added - work with ZWCAD Classic 2017 and more.
4. Added - work with ProgeCAD 2019 and more.
5. Added - select the tolerance when defining a stamp.
6. Fixed - cancel printing the first row of the table.
7. Fixed - create sheets in nanoCAD 8.5.

Version 3.8.1
The update was released on 11/23/2017

1. Fixed - switching between open files when searching for formats;
2. Added - select the version of NanoCAD in the program window;
3. Added - separate notification settings;
4. Added - Publish to the printer - consider the number of copies;
5. Added - the print table editing the Flip;
6. Added - creating .dsd file instead of Publishing to printer;
7. Added - slope, text compression, table partition height.

Version 3.8
The update was released on 08/11/2017

1. Added - automatic printing from the folder;
2. Added - scale on the block;
3. Added - search for blocks by size;
4. Added - checking for empty and / or identical sheet numbers;
5. Added - publishing to the printer;
6. Added - numbering the lines of the print table;
7. Added - the button for fixing the goal;
8. Added - quick settings Publication in PDF;
9. Added - on the main window, enabling and disabling the viewports;
10. Added - publishing in the background;
11. Added - printing in the background;
12. Added - on the main window show the format;
13. Fixed - search for numbers in the stamp from the table;
14. Fixed some bugs.

Version 3.7
Update was released on Feb 19, 2017

1. Added - choice version of AutoCAD "on the fly", allows you to instantly connect to a variety of running AutoCAD versions;
2. Added - Intelligent sorting columns "According № sheet" and "columns" (only one column);
3. Added - selection of the active line in the print table;
4. Added - numbering of sheets if the number is created by separate tests within the framework of the LDS;
5. Added - accounting of the scale of the frames when setting the printing scale "1: 1";
6. Added - "Insert text" - creating texts within the framework;
7. Added - "Publication of PDF" - saving each frame into separate .pdf files;
8. Added - "Action" - automatic execution of selected actions after the search for frames;
9. Added - settings - select the option to disable set "Top view";
10. Added - settings - select the option to turn off the zoom before looking for frames;
11. Added - transparency in the "Publication of PDF";
12. Fixed - when creating the List, user attributes were not changed;
13. Fixed - fatal error when replacing attributes if no attributes;
14. Fixed: search for values in the stamp created by the table;
15. Corrected - publication error if there are "[" and "]" in the file name;
16. Changed - algorithm for moving rows in the print table;
17. Changed - the setting to take into account the scale in the "Tolerance".

Version 3.6.1
The update was released on 09/04/2016

1. Added - sorting by tabs (the order in which the tabs are located in the document);
2. Added - move the line to the last line;
3. Fixed: trimming the right digit in the file name .pdf when publishing;
4. Fixed - incorrect processing of files with the same name;
5. Fixed - only in the active tab - added auto-tagging model, sheets.

Version 3.6
The update was released on June 20, 2016

1. Added - search and print in GstarCAD.
2. Added - the stamp identifier if the stamp is created by a polyline.
3. Added - creating frames with a custom .shx font that does not support properties.
4. Added - saving to the user folder when executing "Export worksheets."
5. Added - saving to the user's folder when executing "To separate files".
6. Added - the buttons for moving lines in the window "Collect in one file."
7. Added - transliteration when printing to PDF.
8. Added - adding information about layers when executing "Publish to PDF".
9. Fixed - when creating the List, user attributes were not changed.

Version 3.5.6 >
The update was released on February 19, 2016

1. Added - print files from the folder. Opens the desired file, looks for formats, prints, closes the file, opens the next file, etc. You do not need to open many files at once.
2. Added - print table - button Move to the first line. move the string to the very top of the table.
3. Added - the print table - tick Edit the table. Allows you to change the printer, sheet size and printing style directly in the table. (not the correct method of using the program).
4. Added - create sheets - select the scale for the created viewports.
5. Added - create sheets - block the viewport after creation.
6. Added - creating sheets - incrementing the size of the viewport (offset from the edge of the format).
7. Added - in separate files - to replace the text in the name of the save file (group rename).
8. Added - print to PDF - auto-create a folder next to the file and save the PDF file there.
9. Added - publishing in PDF - checking the installed checkboxes to print or not this format.
10. Added - Rename sheets - Copy the old name and paste it into a new one.
11. Added - Rename sheets - Copy a new name by dragging a line (as in Excel).

Version 3.5.5
Update was released on 09.12.2015

1. Added the ability to save the previous search - "Add to set."
2. Added search for numbers and information in the spruce stamp. It was created completely by a table.
3. Added a new command - "Replace Attribute Values", Attribute Tab.
4. Added a preview of the result in the Numbering window.
5. Added the possibility of numbering if the frame is a block, but the stamp is a separate block.
6. Added Transliteration of the filename into the function In separate files.
7. Added the ability to enter the page number (# 43) in the file name when processing and saving.
8. Added line transfer exception (\ P) when exporting to Excel.
9. Added numbering processing if the frame is a block without attributes.
10. Added search for filling the stamp in case of filling the table with one cell.
11. Added verification and correction of the goal when publishing PDF (sometimes printing blank sheets).
12. Added the ability to select a frame inside the box - "Only consider the outer border."

Version 3.5
The update was released on 10/10/2015

1. The settings "Publish to PDF" have been added.
2. The work "Publication in PDF" in AutoCAD 2015 and above has been added.
3. Added a report of the number of documents sent to print.
4. Added block selection for the filter - Search by block name.
5. Bug fixes - Specify the length of the stamp.
6. Added check of the LDS connection in the Settings menu.
7. The die analyzer has been refined to find the scope of the specifications.
8. Fixed a bug with nanoCAD with the existing selection of the print area frame.

Version 3.4 >
The update was released on September 26, 2015

1. Added "Publish to PDF" direct printing to PDF regardless of the installed printer. A multi-sheet .pdf file is created with automatic spread of sheets. By default, a DWG to PDF printer is installed, and the rest of the settings for the print table. The work is similar to the publication of sheets.
2. Added report of the number of printed drawings, tab: Settings.
3. Added the ability to disable "Over all windows" for the search / print process display window, tab: Settings - General settings.
4. In separate files - fixed creation of file names if this file already exists (there was File.dwg (1) .dwg became File (1) .dwg).

Version 3.3
The update was released on August 29, 2015

1. Increased the size of windows and print tables.
2. Added the ability to search for formats only in the active tab (in one sheet or in the model).
3. The ability to export a print table to Excel is added.
4. Added the ability to exclude the outer format frame from printing, by increasing the selection (see Print Settings).
5. Added manual editing of new tab names and exclusion from processing (see Renaming).
6. The mechanism for incrementing segments has been improved taking into account the scale of formats (frames).

Version 3.2 >
The update was released on 08/16/2015

1. Search for formats (frames) created by segments - a hybrid algorithm is added.
2. The search speed of segments is increased due to the hybrid algorithm.
3. Added processing of segments not having a common point in the hybrid algorithm.
4. The settings of the Lines in the frames in the Settings menu are added.
5. Processing of scale 1: 1 is added at the established Scale according to LDS.
6. Fixed and modified sorting with the cipher.
7. Automatic sorting by page number is added.
8. The speed of selection of found frames is increased.
9. Improved search for a multi-line name.
10. Statement - added the ability to export the table to Microsoft Excel.

Version 3.1
The update was released on 08/09/2015

1. The kernel algorithm of the program is rewritten.
2. The Settings tab is created with the main settings of the program moved to it.
3. The ability to move the columns of the print table (setting - the Columns window) is added.
4. Added the ability to delete rows, print tables.
5. Added buttons for moving the rows of the print table.
6. Added the ability to specify the scale of the stamp (specifying the length of the stamp scale is calculated automatically).
7. Added the ability to get multiline Names (several separate texts).
8. Added search for formats by Viewports (if in the sheets only viewports).
9. Added search and processing of data in the stamp - cipher, total sheets.
10. Added sorting taking into account the cipher in the stamp.
11. The stamp analyzer is completely changed, allowing to determine the shape of the stamp.
12. Added automatic processing of frames with an indentation from below 10 mm.
13. The numbering algorithm is completely changed, allowing to change existing numbers.
14. The algorithm for creating the sheet has been redesigned.
15. The algorithm of export of sheets is completely changed, the preview of file names is possible.
16. Added the ability to print on the principle of "Disassemble by copies" - you can specify how many times to send to print.
17. The ability to print with transparency is added.
18. Numbering - added the ability to enter the name of the tab instead of the number.
19. Numbering - added CSoft CSD numbering, bug fixes.
20. Creating a frame - added the ability to create lines around the page number.
21. Creating a framework - fixed insertion of the company logo.
22. Creating a frame - added the account of the decimal point separator.
23. Creation of a framework - the creation of the ESDC was completed.
24. Creating frames - fixed insertion of the logo in the sheet space.
25. Statement - added the choice of the thickness of the table lines.
26. Collect files - the number of selected files is increased.
27. Fixed bugs creating frameworks - if the system has a separator for the digits "dot", then earlier the collapse of the creation of frames occurred.
28. Improved the creation of sheets - in the absence of a sheet number, the name of the sheet is automatically entered in the sheet name - "Titul" + number in the order of output.
29. Fixed displaying numbers with a dot in the print table.
30. Fixed algorithm for highlighting the found formats.
31. Fixed search algorithm in sheets of LDS formats.
32. The algorithm for automatically obtaining the scale of the LDS format is corrected.

Version 3.0 >
The update was released on 04/22/2015
1. Added search for Autodesk SDS formats.
2. Added ability to move rows in the table manually.
3. Changed the algorithm for creating one file from several.
4. After printing, a request is made to automatically close the files that have been printed.
Collect files in one file:
1. Overlay with the original coordinates without displacement.
2. The offset (interval) of the insertion can be set manually, by default = 100
3. Advanced multiple selection of rows for deletion.
Save frames to individual files:
1. Saving of files with name and number at the choice of format (numbers can be set "00", "000", "0000")
1. Added the ability to add files to the "Collect in one file" window by dragging.
2. The algorithm "Numbering" is completely changed, the command button is moved to the top menu.
3. Added Numbering of sheets containing a point (processing of subsequent sheets).
4. If there are further sheets, you can enter "Total sheets".
5. Fixed saving of the settings of the "Attribute Name" window.

Version 2.2 >
The update was released on 01/17/2015
Added feature:
- highlight the found formats in the drawing.
- specification of tolerance for searching frames by coordinates.
- indication of the reference point for searching frames by coordinates.
- search for blocks with only a certain (and) name.
- search for sheet number and name if the frame and stamp are created by different blocks.
- when creating the framework of the LDS automatically all texts in italics.
- when creating the framework of the LDS, add the inscriptions "Computer name", "User name", "Full file path".
- automatic insertion of signatures into the drawing when creating the framework of the automatic transfer system.
- when creating a list, select the height of texts, italic text, align in columns, indent text.
- when creating a sheet, a break in the table indicating the position and indentation.
- when creating a sheet, inserting text into an existing frame (changing the attribute).
- When creating a sheet, take into account the subsequent sheets and record in the format "1-3".
- When creating a list, separate the lines into several.
- when numbering sheets, the previously found numbers in the table are automatically replaced.
- When creating the framework of the LDS, the creation algorithm was changed.

Version 2.1 >
The update was released on September 7, 2014
Full support of NanoCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD is realized.
There was an opportunity to memorize the search settings for each template - choose a template, automatically changes the scale and / or other settings.
Added search for frames inside nested blocks (block in block).
The possibility of finding frames with different scales in one model is added (only for SPDS).
The ability to collect sheets from several files into one is added.
Added sorting by columns - you can manually select the sort column (as in exile).
Added ability to insert signatures and company logo when creating frames.
The new action is to assemble one file from several, to add DXF search.
The number of possible lines in the template is increased to 200.
Translation into any language is possible.

Version 2.0 >
Update was released on 04/25/2014
New function "Export of sheets to separate files", batch export of all sheets is added.
Added a new function "To assemble a file from many other files", assembling one dwg from many others or batch inserting rasters.
Added the ability to select the folder to save when exporting, saving to individual files, etc.
Added search for sheet numbers and names, provided that the frame is a block, and the text is separate.
Added the ability to select the "First line" setting in the "Settings" window.
The ability to sort the format table in the opposite direction is added.
In the numbering window, the ability to select the starting point and the width of the text column is added.
Added initialization of sheets for automatic creation of sheets.
Added the ability to process all open files with the command "Cutting into frames."
Corrected the indication inch / mm when printing (if the file is created in inches and translated in mm was reset value per inch).
Fixed the possibility of changing the template after the printing was canceled (the rows of the table were not updated).
Fixed automatic checking of duplicates after template change (not done).
The version of the program was released without any time limit - REVERSE PRO.
Support for BricsCAD, ZWCAD.
The possibility of a multilingual version.

Version 1.9
Update was released on 03/31/2014
The "Pieces into Frames" command is improved:
- Added selection of processing of all open files;
- Added the ability to search for GraphiCS SDDS formats less than 8.0 (when searching, it is impossible to find the frame, but it is possible to build polylines on them that are perceived as frames in the subsequent search);
- Added the ability to search for formats defined as PROXY (unknown elements are perceived as PROXY, but it is possible to build polylines on them, which in subsequent searches are perceived as frames).
Found and fixed a bug - after the template was updated, the duplicate check did not run.

Version 1.8
The update was released on 03/09/2014
Maximized the speed of search and processing formats.
The appearance of the batch printing window has been slightly changed.
Added the ability to disable the search for polylines (if the formats are created by blocks or SPDS, then when the disconnection increases the processing speed)
Removed the selection of polylines with only 4 points (the efficiency of this filter was small, by default only with 4 and 5 points)
Added the search and processing of all possible formats created by the DPI GraphiCS.
The possibility of auto-rotate when printing the SDS formats GraphiCS is added (it is possible to use for any formats where only the .shx font is used).
Added search and processing of formats located in external links.
Added a new tool - "Pieces into frames", search for formats executed with segments or exploded formats and automatic restoration of polylines for further processing.
The search settings for the drawing name are moved from the Statement window to the Settings tab.
Added the ability to add a sheet number and / or the name of the document when exporting, creating a PDF, creating sheets (added auto-delete special characters).
The command "Show frame" is corrected (auto-switching to the required document and tab is added).
Added the ability to search for formats with scale scaling.
Added an exception from the search for blocks with a size less than possible.
Excluding printing on formats that are not listed in the list of printers.
Checking the correctness of printers and formats when updating printers.
Adding numbers to the file name in brackets with the same file names when printing DWG To PDF.

Version 1.7 >
Update was released on Feb 4, 2014
The possibility of sheet numbering in the attributes of blocks is added.

Version 1.6 >
The update was released on 01/18/2014
Added the ability to scroll tables with the mouse wheel.
Added the ability to copy to the Settings table using Excel.
Changed the algorithm of drop-down lists in the Settings window. When you open the list, the selected row is automatically set.
Added the ability to select rows when creating a Vedomosti.
Added the ability to transfer lines when creating a Vedomosti.
Added processing of special characters when creating a Vedomosti.
Added handling of lowercase and uppercase letters in block attributes.
Added columns to the print table Name of the block and * U Block name.
Added the ability to select deleting of old numbers in the Numbering window.
The consumption of RAM is reduced threefold.
As well as other changes to increase system performance.

Version 1.5
The update was released on 26/10/2013
The function of copying found frames into separate files is added. Each frame is saved in a separate file in the folder with the source file.

Version 1.4 >
Update was released on 10/10/2013
The function of selecting and displaying columns in the table is added - the "Select columns" button.
The function of changing the width of columns, writing to the memory of width and selection of columns is added.
The function of creating sheets by borders in the model is added.
Completely changed the frame selection algorithm, it became possible to select frames in different places of the drawing, add to the set and delete from the set.
Added the function of showing the desired frame by the row in the table - the frame selected in the row of the table is zoomed (double click in the "Show frame" column).
The function of searching and printing frames in PDF format is added to each file.
Added settings for setting the name of PDF files, when creating each frame in a separate PDF file, a unique name is assigned to the user.
The function of automatic rotation of PDF format - album / book.

The function of template reset for preparing PDF with auto rotation is added.
Added settings for batch printing - revolution.
Added function for searching and reading attributes (10 pcs.)
Added a function to quickly change the number of copies when printing (double click in the "Quantity" column).
Added options for sorting the list - sorting by sheet number, by format.
The processing of batch printing templates has been completed and fully functional, the template records all the settings for search formats, you can make several templates for your needs, for example - only A4 or only standard, or just what you need to print on a plotter, etc.
Added the function of disabling notifications that the CAD program is not open.
The function of page numbering is added - after searching within the found frames, the page numbers in the upper right corner of the frame ("Numbering" button) are written.
Added the function of automatically creating a list of working drawings for the found frames and creating a table in the drawing.

Version 1.3
The update was released on July 21, 2013
The function of searching and printing formats not of standard size is added, sizes of formats can be set at will.
Added settings for batch printing - fit, center (indent).
The function for finding sheet numbers is added both in text and in blocks.
The function of quick selection of lines is possible to indicate the necessity of printing.
Added options for sorting the list - after the search it is now possible to choose the required one.
The function of creating a template for batch printing is added, all the settings of formats for searching are recorded in the template, several templates can be made for your needs, for example - only A4 or only standard ones, or just what you need to print on a plotter, etc.
Added function for creating formats with fields in the stamp.
The function of selecting the rendering of the column "Agreed"
The function of selecting the frequently used values in the stamp is added.
Added a new drawing window "Drawing builds. Last sheets"

Version 1.2.1 >
The update was released on 03/03/2013
Duplicate deletion error detected and fixed.
(when the frames are placed close to each other, in rare cases, one of them was perceived as a duplicate)

Version 1.2 >
The update was released on 03/09/2013
"Select frame" button is added.
The function of sorting by arrangement of formats in the drawing is added.
A check mark (tick) "Zoom in before printing" is added to the Settings tab.
Fixed cutting of the edge of the format when printing in formats with an inaccurate arrangement in the drawing.

Version 1.1.3 >
The update was released on 09/22/2012
The function of accounting for the formats created using dynamic blocks is added.
Automatically save the filter settings of the search for formats.
Automatic search and removal of duplicate formats (superimposed on each other).
Automatic correction of corrupted files (zeroing of camera coordinates, command view).
Added time search engine for finding formats.
Before printing, the user is shown a printable format.
The function of interrupting the search for formats is added.
Increased the speed of printing multiple formats located in one document.
Fixed bug of output on 1 sheet of multiple formats.

Version 1.1.2
The update was released on 09/06/2012
Added function of accounting for scaled formats.

Version 1.1.1 >
The update was released on 07/06/2012
The algorithm of the admission to the sizes of formats is introduced.

Version 1.1
First Version Release 01.06.2012

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