Automatic merging of PDF-files, with the creation of bookmarks. Bookmark editor.

The program combines many PDF files into one and creates bookmarks for each combined file.
This is the only program that can automatically create bookmarks for customers with the requirement to navigate in PDF files.

Basic functions of the program:
- adding folders with files and individual files to merge;
- adding multiple files to merge;
- tree representation of the location of new bookmarks;
- the ability to move files in the tree to create bookmarks;
- moving files in the tree with both control buttons and the mouse;
- selection of merging parameters with or without bookmarks;
- the ability to set the naming of the file bookmark in various options;
- automatic replacement in the name of the necessary data.

How to merge files and create bookmarks:
Add the files you need to merge either by dragging with the mouse or using the selection buttons in the menu.
All selected folders and files will be displayed in the tree.
Change the order of folders and files if necessary.
Moving files in the tree can be done with the mouse or with the Up and Down control buttons.
In the process of collecting files, you can delete unnecessary files and folders with the delete button.
In the merge options, select the bookmark name format.
Optionally, set replacement options in the bookmark name.
In the save options, select the best option.
Press the START button.

• Current version:   Version 1.1       •  Release date:    30.01.2023       • Trial period - 7 days.

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